How to Hard Reset Quantum Node / Extender?

Thers is not a way to reset Quantum devices by hardware. The ony way to do it, is by software.

To do the hard reset, you need to follow these steps:


  • Open iDomFramework Project Builder, and Connect to your M2M Gateway. (You can download it from this link)
  • Go to Communications -> Connect


  • Click Search Button (magnifying glass)


  • Click Search Button, select your M2M Gateway from the list and click OK twice.



  • Once you are connect you will see in the lower right corner, in green “Connected (Host: 192.168.xxx.xxx)
  • Click on the “Refresh Network” button and the M2M Gateway will be found automaticaly.


  • Select the M2M Gateway right click on it and select “Reset All (Factory Settings)


This will reset all in the M2M Gateway to factory settings.





What is the “Default Server” in the Configuration Tool Network Configuration?

The Default Server in Network Configuration is the IP Adress and Port of the Service/Server where to the Quantum Node is sending the data.


The Green Led in my Quantum Node Device is Blinking. What does that mean?

The green led in the Quantum Devices is to indicate if the device is ready to work with the DomatiCAN Bus. This means that when you have two or more Quantum Devices connected through DomatiCAN Bus the green led must be Steady ON. If not, then there is a problem with the DomatiCAN Bus connection.

When you have a standalone Quantum Device, as there is no equipment connected through DomatiCAN Bus, the Green LEd will be blinking but it is ok.

The Red Led (Power) in my Quantum Node Device is blinking. What does that mean?

In normal operation, the Red Led (Power) in the Quantum Node should be steady on. But in some cases it can blink and that has a meaning:

  1. Has a trial Licence
    • In this case the Led starts to blink very slowly and will increase the velocity until the end of the trial.
  2. Does not have Firmware
    • In this case the the led will blink with a constant period until it gets the firmware from Domatica Servers.
    • Please contact Domatica Support for Help, by inserting a Support Ticket.
How can I see the GPRS signal strengh in my Quantum Node?

Quantum Node doesn’t have a GPRS signal strengh indicator, but  it is possible to know it, using the Configurations and Diagnosis Tool (CDT).

Open the CDT and connect to the Quantum Node. Once you are connected, go to the “System Messages” tab and there you will see the GPRS modem signal strenght.


My Quantum Node doesn’t communicate by GPRS

First check the Communications Chapter in the Hardware Manual, on how to insert correctly the SIM card.

Then check the Network Configurations Chapter in the Configuration Tool Manual on how to configure the GPRS modem.

Please be aware that after changing the GPRS modem configurations, you have to deploy the hole configuration to the Quantum Node and reboot it.

Configuration Tool can’t find Quantum Node. What can I do?

The Configuration Tool has the capability to search the local network for the Quantum Node, at deploy or when setting the Network Configurations.

If the search is successful, the deploy starts without problem and on Network Configurations, all the fields are completed automaticaly.

When the search is not successful, in both cases you will get an error message. In this case, please check:

  • If both equipments (Quantum Node and PC) are in the same local network (see Communications chapter in the Hardware Manual)
  • If you have any virtual machine installed in your PC, go to Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network Connections and disable the network  connection create by the Virtual Machine Software.
  • Check if the Windows firewall  is blocking the Configuration Tool or Quantum Node communications;
  • Check if your Office firewall is blocking the Configuration Tool or Quantum Node communications;

After checking all of the above, try agai to search for the Quantum Node.

How do I configure my Quantum Node GPRS Modem?

To configure the GPRS Modem, check this Configuration Tool Manual.

How do I insert the GPRS SIM card into Quantum Node?

Please refer to User Manual’s Communications Chapter to see how to insert the SIM card.

How To Update Firmware

To update the Firmware to Quantum Node and Quantum Extender, you will need the iDomFramework Project Builder. You can download it from this link.

  1. Open iDomFramework Project Builder and click in “Communications” > “Connect”
  2. update_firmware_connectIn the window System Connection, click on the icon “Search” (magnificent glass) to go to search Window
  3. update_firmware_system_connection_searchIn the next window click in the “Search” button to find all the Gateways in the networkupdate_firmware_search_quantum_node
  4. Select your gateway and click “Ok” in this window and in the next.
  5. Click in “Refresh Network” Button to show the modules you are connected to.update_firmware_refresh_network
  6. Select the M2M Gateway and right click on it and select “Clear Program/Config”.update_firmware_clear_program_config
  7. Then, select the Gateway again a right click on it. Choose “Update Firmware from File” and select “iDomGateway3-V0300-B05251.dwfx”update_firmware_update
  8. While updating you can check the progress in status barupdate_firmware_update_percent
  9. After updating check if it was successful by selecting the Gateway and, on the right side of iDomFramework Project Builder, confirm the Build ( Firmware Version: 3.00 (Build 5251))
  10. If update was not successfful, please repeat from step 7.


My Quantum Node is not connecting via GPRS

For the Quantum Node connect via GPRS modem check the following steps:

  1. Configure the modem correctly by activating using the Configuration Tool, and inserting APN, user and password when needed. (See chapter Network Configuration);
  2. Deploy the new configuration to the Quantum Node;
  3. After the deploy, reboot the Quantum Node for the new GPRS configurations to be activated.