Domatica Quantum Node Gateway Lite3

Domatica Quantum Node Lite3 is the ultimate Industrial IoT gateway that narrows the distance between devices and software applications, easing real-time monitoring and control solutions.

Built in a Fog Computing architecture, Domatica Quantum Node Pro3 empowers programming through the cloud, keeping processing locally, removing load from your servers. Its dynamic datapipe adjusts traffic to demands, ensuring remote real-time data acquisition with very low latency and very little data consumption.

Besides the embedded I/O capability, it allows creating a network of devices, either by adding Domatica Quantum Node Extenders or third-party modules using standard protocols.

It is suitable for Building Automation, Energy Management, Industrial 4.0, Smart Agriculture, Smart Cities, and other general M2M/IoT applications.


DQN Gateway Lite – Download EN