Real-time monitoring and alerts using our SDK

See how quick is to integrate hardware in C# using our SDK.

Let’s get started!

Get the Water Tank Meter Application Example and its Source CodeCheck how easy is to create an application with our SDK:

Get Started!

1. What you will be able to do

In this project you will be able to:

  • Measure distances, volume and liters;
  • Connect M2M Gateway with a ultrasonic sensor;
  • Visualise a demonstration software;
  • Watch in real-time tank level: volume, liters and height;
  • Watch in real-time level alert (light blinking);
M2M Gateway

2. Integrate your Application

2. 1. Setup your development environment

To learn how to setup your development environment and establish your application’s first connection to the M2M Gateway modules, please download the Hello iDomSDK pack from Domatica Support Center.

Link to download the Hello iDomSDK pack:


2.2. Check our Project Samples

To learn how to remotely monitor and control through the iDomFramework try our Project Samples from Domatica Support Center.

Link to download the Project Samples:


2.3. SDK API

To learn the full SDK API or how to integrate the iDomFramework please check the Documentation and Guides from Domatica Support Center.

Link to download Documentation and Guides:


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