Use Case: Retail Chain


Focusing on enhancing the customer’s shopping experience, improving operations and reducing costs, retailers have been adopting IoT solutions. With the EdgeServer technology, monitoring utility services (electricity, water, gas), control HVAC, lighting and other equipment in an integrated manner can become an easy task for every store manager. With the EdgeServer is simple to monitor and control the store environment (temperature, humidity, CO2, lightning intensity and color) depending on the number of clients, the time of the day, the weather forecast, or even if it’s a special occasion like an holiday.

The EdgeServer helps enhancing the customer experience while providing important business KPIs witch are essential to manage and optimize any retail operation whilst attracting more consumers.







In the context of the given example, the lighting control and environment sensors can be implemented using KNX protocol. Utility meters and HVAC interfaces can integrate the EdgeServer Node using Modbus protocol and an AXIS camera can be used to count the visitors. Everything can be integrated into one or multiple inter connected EdgeServer Nodes.

EdgeServer Components

1 x Broker
1 x Node per network

EdgeServer Add-ons

1 x Service MQTT
1 x Service REST
1 x Driver Generic KNX 500 Group Address
1 x Driver Generic Modbus 500 Registers
1 x Customised driver for Axis Camera interface

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